About us

The Career Specialists are a network of independent career development specialists in their own practices, joined by a vision to provide quality career services to both organisations and the general public in New Zealand.

Each Career Specialist is dedicated to providing a holistic, face to face service to meet needs of all clients. They all have a passion for supporting individuals to make well informed decisions about their future in a time of continual change and uncertainty in the world of work.

They offer a professional and individualized approach to:

Career Planning – Helping you to decide upon a career path that is both meaningful and realistic

Job Search – Supporting you to build a confident and proactive job search strategy that includes developing a targeting CV and cover letter to maximise your chances of success

Workplace Coaching – to enable an employee to evaluate their role alignment, training needs and career management strategies   

Career Development Programs for Organisations – we provide outplacement support for both managers and staff, as well as on-going support and training of managers in career management

Secondary  School and University Students Career Planning and Support – helping you to decide on a career path that is both meaningful and realistic, as well as provide advice and support for graduates in their  job search and job  applications

Supervised Practice – for other career practitioners and people managers

What makes us unique?

  • The Career Specialists network have extensive experience in the career industry in a range of areas such as Human Resources, Outplacement, Recruitment, Job Placement, Health, Tertiary Education, Training, Finance and Manufacturing.
  • The Career Specialists network offer an in-depth understanding of the market place and a successful history of working  with a range of clients from students to CEOs and the career issues that they may be facing.
  • Each member of the Career Specialists is highly qualified in the field of career development, and has professional membership with the Career Development Association of New Zealand  www.cdanz.org.nz