Career Planning

Career planning is a lifelong process which requires the on-going development of skills and knowledge to keep up with the constantly changing world of work. To maximise the success of your planning, there are four important areas in which the Career Specialists can assist you:

Understanding yourself

A Career Specialist will discuss with you and use specific exploration techniques, exercises and assessments in order to help you identify your values, interests, skills, needs, motivations and other influences that are relevant to your future direction.

Exploring opportunities and options

Identifying possible occupational options is an important part of career planning. Together, we will explore relevant information about the current labour market, training options, and how the various options might meet your goals.

Making decisions

We assist you to narrow down and decide upon a career path that is meaningful, realistic and fulfils what is important for you in life and work.  As experienced professionals, we are able to offer a compassionate, analytical and wise perspective to these decisions.

Taking action

Forming a good action plan is critical to successful career planning. This involves establishing goals in the long and short term, and identifying resources and obstacles to be managed. We assist you to develop a clear path from where you are now to where you want to be. We help you plan a strategy to create opportunities, develop your network, and identify how best to up-skill to meet your aspirations.


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