Kaye Avery

KayeI have been career coaching and facilitating groups for 12 years or more in the areas of career management, outplacement, team building, workplace performance coaching and providing professional supervision/mentoring for managers and career practitioners. As an independent coach / consultant I work with private individuals and the employees of organisations who come to me for skilled and confidential coaching during personal, career and organisational change.

My skills as a career strategist and coach come from a deep and insatiable interest in what is happening in the world of work and the social, technological and economic drivers of that. This interest together with my ability to build confidence in the people I work with enables me to help them to create realistic career strategies that work to build personal congruence, job search success and career satisfaction.


With a Masters level practitioner qualification in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) I bring an emphasis of personal development into all my work regardless of whether it is one on one coaching or when facilitating a group. NLP is the study of human excellence; it gives me powerful and effective tools to empower positive change for people.

Having completed a Masters in Career Development research project in 2010 on the aging workforce I also run a number of workshops and seminars for mature workers and their managers.

I have had the privilege of working with many workplace teams to build greater cohesion together by providing skilled facilitation processes to help them get clear about what their shared ’cause’ really is and to establish business goals that are about more “than the money we make”. I bring significant experience in the managing change, workplace stress and personal effectiveness space.  Workshop topics include, Understanding Your Team; Communicating well at Work; Managing Workplace Change and Career Transitions, and Managing Workplace Stress.

My consulting practice gives me the freedom to offer wide expertise on any topic related to the world of work, workforce capability and career and personal development. I am often asked to present on these topics and will develop presentations and workshops to suit. I also work with affiliates who bring special talents and practical skills to my seminars and workshops.

Career and Transition Consulting is….Dedicated to developing people and committed to growing a more conscious and sustainable world.]


Grad Dip Career Development
Masters NLP
Certificate in Adult Teaching
Masters in Career Development Research paper

Professional Memberships:

CDANZ (Executive Member)
Member of EEO Trust


Name Kaye Avery
Work Address 86 College Hill Rd., Freemans Bay, Auckland
Email address kaye@career-coach.co.nz
Tel mobile 021 474765
Website Career coach
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kaye-avery/17/43/378

Caroline Sandford

caroline10 I have been working in the career industry for over 18 years, both in New Zealand and Australia, supporting individuals to identify their career path or make changes in their direction, and providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully make that next step.

I also have extensive experience in coaching individuals in job search, professional CV development and succeeding at the interview.

Clients include people from all walks of life covering students thinking about what they want to do once they finish school, graduates, job seekers, women returning to the paid workforce, and individuals in the corporate world reassessing their direction or facing redundancy. I am passionate about working with the individual and offering them a programme which is tailor-made to their requirements.

My belief is that we are all capable of achieving what we want and my role is to help break down the barriers (perceived or real) to ensure that each individual is given the opportunity to reach their goals.

My own career has included working in Human Resources in both the Finance and Engineering Industries. These roles coupled with my own personal journey including redundancy, returning to the paid workforce and establishing a career in a different country, has given me insight into the reality of how to:
– successfully tackle the job market
– effectively market yourself, and
– find those jobs which appear ‘hidden’

My roles in careers have included:
○ Operating my own Private Practice, Future Directions Ltd, and Career Clinic on the North Shore
○ Working as a Career Counsellor at Unitec
Lecturing on the Graduate Diploma in Career Development at AUT
○ Assisting Postgraduate Research Students with their career choices at Macquarie University in Sydney, developing a career development programme particular to their needs
○ Extensive experience contracting to Outplacement and Career Management Specialists supporting many individuals in their transition to the next stage in their career, often as a result of redundancy.




Masters in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (Hons.)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Graduate Certificate in Career Development
Qualified to administer Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Professional Memberships

Professional member of Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ).

Name Caroline Sandford
Work Address Devonport, Auckland
Web site www.loveyourcareer.co.nz
Facebook loveyourcareernz
LinkedIn http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/caroline-sandford/13/68/4b7
Email address caroline@loveyourcareer.co.nz 
Tel mobile 0272879822

Judi Lubetzky

judiI am a Career Coach and Group Facilitator with twelve years experience helping individuals clarify career options and implement plans that will enable them to realize their potential in their work life,

My personal journey from Archaeology to Career Practice and my quest for career satisfaction has led to my belief that each one of us is capable of improving our career situation when we are actively engaged in using our natural talents in work that is both meaningful and rewarding.

In this age of uncertainty and competing needs, I work with clients to help them identify their “life defining stories” to enable them make those meaningful and rewarding career choices.

I have been a Career Consultant in tertiary education; at Crown Institute of Studies, University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology where I have run successful career management workshops.

I currently operate a private practice  and my clients include: school students and university graduates, women returning to the paid work force, individuals who are reassessing their options due to work place/role dissatisfaction and/or redundancy, immigrants  and  all individuals who wish to take the leap and explore meaningful career/life change.

As a career coach and facilitator I can help you to:

  • Conduct a proactive job search and  access  the “hidden job market”
  • Deepen  self knowledge and confidence to enable you to effectively market yourself to employers
  • Develop networks of people who are willing to assist you in your career
  • Write CVs that prepare you for an effective interview


Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma in Career Development
Qualified to administer Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Certificate in Adult Tertiary Education

Professional Memberships

Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ)
New Zealand Association for Psychological Type (NZAPT)
Myers-Briggs type ENFP – Making a difference through insightful and creative ideas that encourage human development


Name Judi  Lubetzky
Work Address  Epsom, Auckland
Email address Judi.careers@gmail.com
Tel landline 09  6388866
Tel mobile 021 826767
Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1386079123
Linkedin Page http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/judi-lubetzky/19/bb4/716

Janet Tuck

Janet-TuckI am a career consultant, mentor, and facilitator. I help people who want to make successful transitions in the workforce and improve their overall performance. I empower and equip individuals and teams for development and growth, and provide insight and a range of tools so clients focus on things that are truly important for their success.

I have always been interested in seeing people lead more effective and fulfilling lives. This led me into teaching in my early working life, then to working and leading in a variety of not-for-profit and community groups, to advising on board governance, and mentoring people in business and in young leader development programmes.

Working in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and China has enabled me to appreciate firsthand the challenges associated with cultural transitions, especially to and from Asian countries. I have completed a variety of qualifications to enrich the thinking and perspectives that I bring to my work with clients.


  • Customised Career Consulting: Clients learn how to take charge of their careers, and gain the knowledge and tools to move forwards with confidence. Advice and training will enable clients to market themselves effectively. This includes help in writing CVs, and preparation and training for job interviews.
    The process works equally well at any age or stage, because all work is tailored to fit specific requirements. It is particularly effective for those who want to explore new career options, manage an existing career, or for those who are facing unexpected change due to organisational restructuring.
    I also provide a series of practical, career focussed workshops for groups.
  • Behavioural Profiling: DISC is an ideal tool to help people understand their behavioural style, so is useful in both career exploration and in a work setting. As an accredited provider of DISC profiles, I work with managers, employees and teams, to help them understand about their own behavioural profile, and the impact this has on others, and then learn how to adapt communication and behaviour to be more effective.
  • Corporates:– Providing outplacement support.
  • Development Programmes and Workshops for business leaders, managers and teams. Partnering with Human Technology Specialists to provide initiatives focussed on improving human performance, building leadership capability, and team building to address real issues, and use proven methods to deliver genuine change and growth.
  • Mentoring: A structured, holistic, longer term programme offering the opportunity for significant professional and personal growth.
  • Keynote Speaking:  Entertaining, challenging, and informative presentations about being effective in the world of work, and in careers.





Master in Business Management
Bachelor of Education
Graduate Certificate in Career Development
Diploma of Teaching


Professional member of CDANZ
President of the Auckland Executive Club

Name Janet Tuck
Work Address North Shore, Auckland
Web site careerclinic.co.nz
Email address janet@careerclinic.co.nz
LinkedIn profile http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/janet-tuck/11/77/5b8
Tel landline (09) 638 9991
Tel mobile 021 526 387