Janet Tuck

Janet-TuckI am a career consultant, mentor, and facilitator. I help people who want to make successful transitions in the workforce and improve their overall performance. I empower and equip individuals and teams for development and growth, and provide insight and a range of tools so clients focus on things that are truly important for their success.

I have always been interested in seeing people lead more effective and fulfilling lives. This led me into teaching in my early working life, then to working and leading in a variety of not-for-profit and community groups, to advising on board governance, and mentoring people in business and in young leader development programmes.

Working in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and China has enabled me to appreciate firsthand the challenges associated with cultural transitions, especially to and from Asian countries. I have completed a variety of qualifications to enrich the thinking and perspectives that I bring to my work with clients.


  • Customised Career Consulting:¬†Clients learn how to take charge of their careers, and gain the knowledge and tools to move forwards with confidence. Advice and training will enable clients to market themselves effectively. This includes help in writing CVs, and preparation and training for job interviews.
    The process works equally well at any age or stage, because all work is tailored to fit specific requirements. It is particularly effective for those who want to explore new career options, manage an existing career, or for those who are facing unexpected change due to organisational restructuring.
    I also provide a series of practical, career focussed workshops for groups.
  • Behavioural Profiling: DISC is an ideal tool to help people understand their behavioural style, so is useful in both career exploration and in a work setting. As an accredited provider of DISC profiles, I work with managers, employees and teams, to help them understand about their own behavioural profile, and the impact this has on others, and then learn how to adapt communication and behaviour to be more effective.
  • Corporates:– Providing outplacement support.
  • Development Programmes and Workshops for business leaders, managers and teams. Partnering with Human Technology Specialists to provide initiatives focussed on improving human performance, building leadership capability, and team building to address real issues, and use proven methods to deliver genuine change and growth.
  • Mentoring: A structured, holistic, longer term programme offering the opportunity for significant professional and personal growth.
  • Keynote Speaking: ¬†Entertaining, challenging, and informative presentations about being effective in the world of work, and in careers.





Master in Business Management
Bachelor of Education
Graduate Certificate in Career Development
Diploma of Teaching


Professional member of CDANZ
President of the Auckland Executive Club

Name Janet Tuck
Work Address North Shore, Auckland
Web site careerclinic.co.nz
Email address janet@careerclinic.co.nz
LinkedIn profile http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/janet-tuck/11/77/5b8
Tel landline (09) 638 9991
Tel mobile 021 526 387