As Career Specialists, we recognise the challenges that the changing economic environment present to organisations. These often lead to restructuring, downsizing, and the development of employees’ skills, alongside a change in direction in order to maintain or increase an organisation’s competitive advantage. 


Outplacement Support

We are qualified career practitioners and experienced change managers providing tailored support, either through one to one sessions or workshops, to ensure that the specific and varied needs of the organisation and staff are met.
Career Specialists provide support for both managers and employees affected by restructuring. This support may include:

  • Coaching the manager in how to effectively oversee the outplacement process whilst supporting their staff and maintaining morale
  • Offering support during the announcement
  • Workshops or one to one programmes covering career development assessment, job search coaching, CV development and interview skills coaching

Retention Programmes

Career Specialists will help you establish a Career Development Programme to ensure that your employees have a clear vision of their career prospects within your organisation, and identify skills or knowledge gaps which can be addressed, leading to a committed and motivated workforce. We also provide ongoing support and training of managers in effective career retention models.

Career & Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching enables employees to evaluate their role alignment, training needs and career management strategies with a neutral and confidential Career Specialist external to the organisation. We are experienced in personally mentoring and supporting individuals.

Contact us to discuss how Career Specialists can assist you with your Organisation’s Development needs.