Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision is a formal arrangement for career practitioners and people managers to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in coaching and supervision. Most professional membership associations highly recommend it.

The task in a supervision relationship is to work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of our work with people. Supervision provides a process of working together to reflect and respond to experiences for shared learning in order to maintain high standards of coaching and people management provision. It is a supportive process; is not restrictive or prescriptive but rather a process for increasing creativity, personal responsibility, professional mastery and learning.

Professional Supervision is not coaching or mentoring which require quite a different set of skills and have a different intent for the engagement. Through the supervision process, the primary concern of the supervisor is to ensure that the supervisee is addressing the needs of their client or employee in order to maximise the effectiveness of the relationship whilst also maintaining ethical and professional boundaries. Supervisors encourage and facilitate the on-going self‑development, continued professional development and learning and self-­monitoring of the coach or manager.

Our Career Specialists Supervisors have qualifications in Professional Supervision. For more information enquire here