Students & Graduates

Do you need help with career planning?

Are you feeling confused about career choice?

Do you need help and support in job hunting and making successful job applications?

If that’s you, it is perfectly normal and you are not alone.


Career specialists are experienced in providing comprehensive career support and planning services to secondary school students, university students and graduates.

We can:

  • Help you to develop clarity and understanding around the issues that have prompted you to seek support
  • Assist you to identify occupations that will motivate you and help you achieve your goals and aspirations
  • Motivate you to develop and implement an action plan, coach you through the process, and identify resources that will help you
  • Help and support in the job search and in making successful job applications

You may be interested to know that:

  • Many secondary and university students are uncertain about their career choice
  • The best way to select a career path is to follow your interests and values
  • You do not have to start university studies immediately. A gap year and OEs can often help develop greater self awareness and clarity about career direction
  • It’s not uncommon for university students to change their course of study after the first year
  • There can be greater financial security in some careers than others
  • You can ‘go back to school’ after a long break from formal learning
  • People are prepared to change jobs/careers in their quest for job satisfaction
  • There is no longer such thing as job security, but a commitment to lifelong learning will enhance your employability


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