Workplace Coaching


Workplace coaching enables employees to evaluate their role alignment, training needs and career management strategies with a neutral and confidential Career Specialist external to the organisation.


A Career Specialist will provide coaching when:

  • The employee feels they are at a crossroad and not sure if the organisation can provide what they think they want
  • Performance is diminishing and change is necessary. The process will enhance self-awareness and encourage personal responsibility
  • Opportunities within the organisation are limited however the retention of the employee is important. The process enables a vision for development and awareness of longer term potential
  • The employee is not coping with internal issues, be they interpersonal or technological. Coaching will provide tools, strategies, and ongoing support as needed

Career Specialists undertake a robust and structured career evaluation process and will design a programme to suit the situation and level of seniority. We provide coaching for employees, with the aim of achieving outcomes that are mutually congruent and performance enhancing.

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